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What is this?

Welcome to SNOBS - a place to find euphoric deals on high-end fashion.


Okay, so to buy high-end fashion today, you either have to spend a lot of money, spend a lot of time, or buy fakes. So we decided to make a site where we post all the really good deals we find. Now you can quickly find really good deals on authentic fashion.

These deals are incredible. Where did you find them?

Thanks. We're good at iternet. To see where a deal came from, go ahead and click on it. you can also see out stores here.

Are you guys secretly robots?

Hope - 100% grass-fed human. Test us on anything to prove it - captchase, sad puppies, ot the lyrics to "Total Eclipse of the Heart." We personally curate the deals found on the site. No robots whosoever. (Well, Tallya owns a roomba, but his fashion sense is terrible.)

Okay, so assuming you/re human, who are you?

We're Tal Raviv [Twitter] and Tallya Rabinovitch [LinkedIn], and we get bored easily.

tal built the technology for a company called Ecquire and Tallya was...

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